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Last updated: 2010-004-17

Algoval: invitation to participate

We are now inviting entrants to for our OCR competition sponsored by the UK Post Office.

For more details go to

and follow the link to OCR Competition.

This competition is challenging in several ways:

  1. The PO Digits dataset (on which accuracy is judged) is sparse and quite variable.
  2. The algorithm implementation plus any data it needs to store its trained state must occupy less than 50,000 bytes.
  3. There are many other comparison criteria (see rules for more details) that apply in order to separate algorithms that have test set accuracy that is not statistically different to one another.
  4. There are other strict limits on performance aspects such as training and recognition time - see rules for more details.


ps. Note that at present algorithms must be implemented in Java.

Dr. Simon Lucas
Senior Lecturer and MSc E-commerce Director
Department of Computer Science
University of Essex
Colchester CO4 3SQ
United Kingdom

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