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Last updated: 2015-001-02

DAS Working Subgroup Meeting: DAS 2024


  • Faisal Shafait

Progress in the last 10 years (DAS 2004)

  • Open source OCR – gOCR
  • Should we start using cameras?
  • Handwriting recognition – only in the hand of experts
  • Keynote talks
  • Thomas M. Breuel The future of document imaging in the era of electronic documents [1]
  • Franco Lotti Image quality issues in digitization projects of historical documents [2]

Progress in the next 10 years

  • Paper will be used but less and less over time
  • Reusable ink
  • Scanners will disappear
  • Mobile based document recognition will mature to a state that it matches the performance of scanned documents under (almost) all capture conditions
  • Majority of “pre-processing” problems will be solved for historical document processing
  • Will there be a DAS 2024? Yes :)
  • What will be the topics we will be addressing?

DAS 2014 keynote talks

  • An Inside Look into ABBYY OCR Technology
  • From Academia to Industry, the knowledge transfert in Document Analysis
  • Document Evolution drives Document Analysis

The Next Big Thing?

  • Understanding “Born-Digital” documents
  • Something “Magical” for knowledge extraction from documents – similar to LSTM for handwriting recognition